History Edit

Opsino was born at the dawn of time. They created the Universe and they created all life (on Earth and other planets). Opsino valued Earth above all and humans were one of their last experiments. Opsino loved them so much and mistakenly had a child with a human. The child became Death and Opsino saw their mistake but carried on. Opsino would occasionally join the humans on Earth but they refused to become attached to anyone.


Opsino can assume any appearance at will. They can be male or female and of any nationality. Opsino can also become any creature at all.

Their true form is grey mist. It is kind of like a cloud and can morph into any shape. When the grey mist speaks, the sound seems to be coming from all around.

Personality Edit

Opsino Is very wise but secretive. They refrain from revealing that they are the Creator. They love humans over all other life they created.

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